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Sometimes a wife has to go to extreme measures to save her marriage. Extreme Couponing.

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Bella adores Tae. He is sweet and patient and gentle. She ignores that niggling dissatisfaction with their very vanilla marriage. But secretly, she yearns for something darker. He devises a wicked coupon book full of naughty commands and fiendish challenges. From spankings to bondage to erotic play with household implements, he tests her limits.

A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens

With each coupon Tae redeems, Bella sinks deeper and deeper into the lifestyle she has always craved but never had the courage to demand. Can they find a place that allows her to be the strong independent woman he fell in love with and the quivering sub she is at her core? Collar me in Paris. Bianca butts heads with not just her brothers but her husband when the family torturing begins. Only the email generation could have developed the need for such an acronym.

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Define, Review, Identify, Verify, Execute. For checking or auditing a control process, especially for vehicles and maintenance systems thanks J Hadler. In detail: Documents - check documentation is correct; Records - check procedures are recorded; Interviews - check staff understand and are committed to the system; Visuals - visually double-check that the system has not missed anything records and interviews do not guarantee everything is covered ; Evaluation - has the system worked properly?

Digital Rights Management.

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DRM might seem one of the most boring abbreviations in this list, but Digital Rights Management is a hugely far-reaching issue. Digital Rights Management is basically the means by which intellectual property IP is protected and its usage is controlled. This particularly applies to intellectual property of the digital age: music, film, news, and arguably more significantly: information, software, and technology. The implications of Digital Rights Management extend ultimately to the way that knowledge and created works of all sorts are spread and made available around the world, the process of which of course contributes to the development of human civilisation.

The 'web 2. The internet offers unprecedented opportunities for sharing knowledge and extending access to created works of all sorts, whereas many IP owners and exploiters have an entirely different priority, namely profit. The transference of knowledge and technology among people around the world, and from one generation to the next, is what determines human progress.

And yet typical corporate interpretations of DRM essentially seek to frustrate this process.

Series: Ball & Chain

Where DRM is restrictive and greedy, so knowledge and human advancement are suppressed. Where DRM is open and giving, so knowledge and advancement are expansive. The begs certain questions of IP owners and also of those who might challenge their behaviour and motives. For example, to what extent can people and organisations who have already made vast fortunes from their intellectual property be a little more willing to share for free? Could multi-billionaires start helping the world earlier, before accumulating such an incomprehensible level of personal wealth? Does accumulating money and power and corporate success make people mean and greedy, or are they mean and greedy to start with, and that's what makes them so effective at protecting and exploiting what they create?

What is most important: making a ton of money, or making the most of what you can offer the world? These and other unfathomable questions will not be answered here and now, but in the way future generations look back on it all. And anyway, will anyone actually want to pay money for Cliff Richard's music in 80 years time?.. Dead Right There.

ODSA Doctors and nurses shorthand acronym for a patient found dead at the scene. This outrageous acronym is an example of the human species' tendency to use humour when dealing with horrific trauma. Extended version of DRT used by certain US police and fire-rescue personnel in incidents involving catastrophic injuries.

Danger To Shipping. Another healthcare coded shorthand term for particularly obese patients, very transferable and equally insulting to anyone who ate all the pies. Use with great care, in fact best not use it at all. Seasonal acronym explaining why most business comes to a grinding stop for two whole weeks at the end of the year. Ear To Ear Grin. Errors and Omissions Excepted. Shorthand disclaimer notice, used as a rider at the bottom of invoices and other documents with potentially legal and contractual implications.

Effectively means that no liability is accepted for mistakes and omissions.

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Ack N Whiteley. Error Between Chair and Desk. ITC helpdesk shorthand, but of course not necessarily restricted to IT applications.

Even the great noughties Credit Crunch and the beginning of the end of the free market economy as we once knew it can ultimately be distilled to a single simple common EBCAD error, albeit replicated across the most significant executive offices of the financial and regulatory world. One of a series of esoteric 'EB' Earnings Before.. Earnings are profits from operating and non-operating activities. Lovers code from way back. Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice.

This is such a brilliant simple teaching and learning model. It's applicable just about everywhere else too. Retail acronym thanks L Starkey. Modern point of sale systems allow payment by electronic credit or debit method via connection to a central banking agency. It is now frighteningly easy to buy things, and this ease progressively increases. In fact the efficiency of the technology will inevitably and literally with the replacement of PIN codes by iris recognition turn the moment of purchase into a mere blink of the eye.

Ack R Tickner. Electronic Point Of Sale. The retail industry term for auto-readers - normally of bar-codes - at store checkout tills. EPOS caused a retail revolution, enabling massive advantages for retailers and sellers, including automated stock control and re-ordering, sales tracking, market research, staff de-skilling, customer service, customer spending profiling and loyalty card systems. Sometimes referred to as EPS.

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A technical medical acronym. Emotional Reaction Impedes Control. Acronym version of the rule of 'counting to ten' to avert feelings of rage or distress. It is certainly true and generally forgotten in the heat of an argument or other stressful situation, that becoming overly emotional is rarely helpful, and usually damaging to all concerned. Thanks George Chamberlain, who in all likelihood originated this excellent mnemonic and aid to self-improvement around Incidentally the cartoon is from that time, and was drawn for George by Colin Howard.

Equipment Superior to Operator. Coded acronym written on a work-order by a technician that means 'There's nothing wrong with this equipment - the problem is the owner. Everything To Attract Men. It was suggested to me a while ago that this is the origin of the ladies fashionwear chain name. It isn't, but it's an amusing acronym all the same. Flip If I Know. The mysterious 'F Eleven K' code has been appearing on technical query reports for many years. Features, Advantages, Benefits.

A widely used selling techniques acronym within the traditional selling process and related sales training. People are more interested in what improvements a product or service will bring rather than a description of what is being sold. While modern sales methods have eclipsed the significance of the FAB principle, the fact remains: it's more important to focus on what a proposition will do for the listener, beyond merely what the proposition is. Fecal Air Rectally Transmitted. The word fart in fact is derived from Old High German 'ferzan' pronounced fertsan from older Germanic roots 'fertan', both of which are clearly onomatopoeic sounds like what it is , as is the modern-day word, unchanged in English since the s.

Words and language might change over time, but the sound of a fart is one of life's more enduring features. Fat And Stupid.