My Life Outside the Ring

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Roberto Duran.

I identified with him as a young boxer. I thought he was just exciting to watch.

A friend is only a friend if he is put in a position to show he is a friend. At this stage in my life I have a lot of acquaintances but very few friends. As you grow your friendships change. Some strengthen and some you outgrow. Fans are awesome though; I am deeply appreciative and grateful for the love.

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The ones in my later years when I stopped loving the fight. When it became a job that is when it was the most challenging. I have no interest in listening to or reading about anything to do with Mike Tyson. Enough already. Why are we still wasting time writing about this jackass.

Like Shavers, he was built like a truck from the waist up, but those legs deserted him at times. He should have done far more road work. And far more gym work down below. Irish…I noticed the neck also. Danny Williams and Kevin McBride stopped him yes, these fights count and in the present day Bronco Billy Wright would knock him spark out….

Life Is Short and So Am I: My Life Inside, Outside, and Under the Wrestling Ring

Tyson, skillfully and politically, dodged most of those questions—like they were punches in the ring. But, ironically, he continues to impress me with his candor, although not in this interview , and willingness to journey within himself, are both impressive. Tyson will continue to disappoint and impress. Mike certainly has been never one to put on airs, always admired that about him.

Could have been the greatest heavyweight of all time. In his short prime, he would have been a match for anyone, including Ali or Louis. The Klits or Lewis might have presented him with some problems given the size disparity. Mike had beaten Mitch Green, Tony Tucker, and Bonecrusher, all who were about the same size as Lewis and the Klits, maybe not as talented but they were good fighters.


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Shame that as great as Mike was, he could have been even greater. Shawn Porter. Who are your heroes? Who disappointed you? What accomplishment s are you proudest of? You have started a Foundation. Would you tell us about it? If you could do it again, what would you change?


Every experience has molded me for this part of my life. If you could change anything about the sport, what would you change? What does family mean to you? How do your children respond to your celebrity and press? How do you deal with criticism? What are your goals? A fighter you admire? I think we all want to see the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Everyone wants a piece. How do you know a true friend from a fan? Which of your fights posed the most challenge? You wish that…? What do you think people say when you leave the room? Never have, never will. How would you like to be remembered?

I only care to be remembered as a good man in the eyes of my wife and kids. Then Linda, his wife, left him after 23 years of marriage, his beloved daughter Brooke blamed him for the breakup, and his son went to jail. The tabloid media had a field day. When unflattering jailhouse conversations between him and his son were released to the press the tabloids were in a frenzy. The sudden turmoil and tragedy surrounding Hogan took its toll.

He fell into a deep depression, seeing no way out, until one fateful phone call. In My Life Outside the Ring , Hogan will unabashedly recount these events, revealing how his newfound clarity steadied him during the most difficult match of his life—and how he emerged from the battle feeling stronger than ever before.

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I was right there leaning on the side of the car with my hands when I finally saw Nick—my only son—folded up like an accordion with his head down by the gas pedal. I could see he was alive. He turned his head, he stuck his hand out, and gave me a thumbs-up. For a second I was relieved. Then the chaos set in. The noise of engines. A saw. Para - medics pulling John from the passenger seat.

See a Problem?

So much blood. I can't even describe to you how panicked I was. The police and firefighters surrounding us seemed panicked, too. The firefighters started cutting the side of the car open to try to get Nick out, and I'm still standing right there when I hear my boy screaming, "No, no, no, stop! You're gonna cut my legs off. Just unbuckle the seatbelt. I can get out! His wrist was broken. His ribs were cracked.