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How to Make an Ubuntu Active Directory Domain Controller With Samba

To track Flights around your favorate airports, click here. Book Description This book is the comprehensive guide to Samba administration, officially adopted by the Samba Team. About the Authors Jay Ts is a system administrator and programmer with many years of experience working with several versions of Unix and other operating systems. Nowadays he works as an independent consultant out of his home in Sedona, Arizona. All Categories. Recent Books. IT Research Library.

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Microsoft and. Tridgell considers the adoption of CVS in May to mark the birth of the Samba Team, though there had been contributions from other people, especially Jeremy Allison , previously. Version 3. Samba gained the ability to join Active Directory as a member, though not as a domain controller. Subsequent point-releases to 3. Currently, the latest release in this series is 3.

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The 3. With version 3. New major releases, such as 3.

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New features will only be added when a major release is done, point-releases will be only for bug fixes. The main technical change in version 3. It will be updated on an as-needed basis for security issues only and its current release is 3.

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This is the first release that includes both Samba 3 and Samba 4 source code. It is the latest stable release of the Samba 3. Current planning according to the mailing list would bring 3.

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Version 4. After three years of development, the first technical preview 4. Subsequently, new previews and then alphas have followed regularly. The most recent version is 4. Samba allows file and print sharing between computers running Windows and computers running Unix.

Using Samba: A File and Print Server for Linux, Unix & Mac OS X - PDF Free Download

Samba sets up network shares for chosen Unix directories including all contained subdirectories. These appear to Microsoft Windows users as normal Windows folders accessible via the network. Unix users can either mount the shares directly as part of their file structure using the smbmount command or, alternatively, can use a utility, smbclient libsmb installed with Samba to read the shares with a similar interface to a standard command line FTP program.

Each directory can have different access privileges overlaid on top of the normal Unix file protections. However they would still not have access to the files of others unless that permission would normally exist. Samba can also provide user logon scripts and group policy implementation through poledit. Samba is included in most Linux distributions and is started during the boot process.